Jan 29, 2009

hate it or love it

Some people derive joy conceiving evil and hate in their heart. They even nurture it as if they've won a lottery ticket. They can even go the extend of wagging their mouth behind you and call you names and stuff just to paint their dirty jobs and show how coward they are. But they are afraid to say it in front of you, cos they know, they are the real notorious to them self. A hypocrite industry that is what they are. Low entities that they cannot be on their seat and be content with who they ARE.
I don't care who you are or what you say are. or what they call you. To me, you are just a figure of your own pocket, if your prowlers are getting into you and you think you can't keep your short gun or pipe where it should be, please freely donate it to a science lab, let them help you find a solution or make research on what you will do with it.
offense to any body, but I feel I don't owe any body an apology or whatsoever. it just a piece of my mind. and I have to let go, and let the air take it far away.
I will be, cos in Him, with Him and through Him I am able to breath and live through the next day. That's all I need as a human. I can't spend my time thinking of backward individuals who care less for other people, but them self or the benefit they want. I don't care of who say, him say, she say or who say so.
But this is my pray for you. Don't think I will not keep you in my treasure boxes or care for you. Your respect I will always keep and acknowledge, your boldness and zeal I admire.
Blessings and peace will continue to find you, favors will always drench your roof and never leaves your shadow.


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