Jan 15, 2009


Inflation drench on her sanctuary
Debating with her memory
Her just will flicked in sanity
Remembered by the call of poverty
Her servants scout for treasures
Invading homes and looting peoples measures
But her future fade in coldness
Battered with groans of bitterness

Tomorrow awaits him heaven
Even calling him as the chosen
But the maim he conceive
Torment the vision her perceive
Caused is upon his friends he unite
Attrition with the church he built to confine

With the breath of a new dawn
Clinching hearts like new born
Our faces raised to the platform of life
Transcending the gospel alive
Such is nigh before cry
Because justice is bitter and dry

We sick no just in it
We cannot tell the mystery beneath
But laugh when success
Smiles upon our door step

Now evening has come
Dark as the undertaker of random
Swaying shadow amidst concubines
Dragging furry and weariness to justify it wine
As dark taker of its hour
So its weakness imply

Before dawn pervade its place
Looming with the lost that couldn't be trace
Darkness has flea to the mountain
Planting its seeds to be something

This is the streets of todays history
Thus cause and blame wag our memory
Caged our efforts to be limited
Instead to be united

That sweet memory of genesis
Cannot be rephrase in our analysis
It cannot be refresh in our memory........
It cannot be refresh in our memory........

1 comment:

Vincent said...

The problem we are facing today in Nigeria and Africa continent is nothing but greed, self centered and selfishness by those who call themselves leaders that govern us. Her story is just a tip of what other citizen are facing. The economy is not helping matters in any ramification, thus; the governments are just ignorant to know what the society need.
These same government travel abroad and they see how the westerners have develop their countries, creating jobs alliances for the masses. Their economy has a goal and that goal they want to achieve and achieve it beyond. But the case of Nigeria/Africa is the a vice verser. poverty and lack of health care deluge the people. The government should have a rethink and seat together to fix these hideous situation.
Poetry Lamentation is a bit of what we as people in Nigeria/Africa faces today. We are trying to create to our platform for good society and economical development. Whereas the resources and materials are not there for us to use. I feel so much for what we are today and it is my responsibility and your responsibility to deal with these matter with contriteness. We are in 21st century, funny enough, we are not going back but forward, so it is our coming together as the National slogan says; "united we stand, together we fall." It is by coming together that can help achieve what we wise these great country Nigeria/Africa to be that it will become.