Feb 28, 2009


I gazed at the morning sun coming from the east
it a very bright and warm morning I told myself ready to deep my feet
into the world.
It is not a joyous day to sing hymns and praises,
nor one of those holiest or the bravest days,
But a twist like a mirror that reflect you to your past.
A drum beat that skipped your heart each time
the clock ticks, for another body is been berried,
while you count your days with fear, tears,
when you see the faces of your loved one.

As we journey together into these unending race,
we are left with ourself to decoy the mysteries and wonders
of our nature, we are yet another dust from soul
of the our maker.
We are the rivers that flows in circle, that cannot be traced
of its beginning or ending.
We are the beast in the forest, the birds on the sky,
mammals and many other history that cannot revealed.


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