Feb 2, 2009


upon two and three, eight and twenty
we converge inside the vehicle
we hustle and huddle inside
all mingling like baked cake
inside the oven
“enter quick before the bus leave us here joo”

I remember that chant from the door man
calling bus stops, at the same time
attends to passengers aboard
“abeg owe yur change o”
but sometimes some passengers want to
be tuff with the conductor,
“madam I go join you wit dis boy, bcos yu ear me
day shout owe yur change before yu enter”

MOLUWE I will not forget
yellow and black stripe on the body
talking about body, AGBERO boys standing at every
bus stop for their daily payment
“oya, owo chairman, owo boys, owo ile,
owo morning, owo afternoon, owo evening”
but that is not only the payment for the day
what about oga olopa salary.

Under the hot sun little children
pass by with their tray
“omo elepa please sell five niara grand nut for me
and please make it well o, let me test it first”
Lagos city, I hail thee
I am proud to be one of your soul entity.


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