Feb 11, 2009


"Children should be going to school, not fighting in battles, because they will still lose their life even if they survive."
From the book of "war child" by Emmanuel Jal
Emmanuel's charity Gua Africa (Gua meaning power in Arabic and peace in his native tongue Nuer) supports survivors of war from Sudan and Rwanda who are in high schools and universities. These are the people who will rebuild their countries in the future. Gua Africa also sponsors children at primary school in Nairobi slum and hope to find support for more pupils. Emmanuel's dream is to build a school in Leer in honor of the woman who rescued him, Wmma Mccune.
There he will be able to give the children from his home what he was given. "education and freedom"

www.guaafrica.org or www.warchildmovie.com

A Young Man On A Mission

"Left home at the age of seven/one year later I'm carryin' an Ak-47." For hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier in Sudan's brutal civil war, these lyrics are hardly empty posturing. They are the bitter reality of a young man who was "forced to sin" but determined to "never give up and never give in." Today, wounded but still hopeful, he fights a new battle: bringing peace to his beloved Sudan and building schools in Africa. This time, his weapon is a microphone. See why audiences from New York to Berlin to London rave about the award-winning film, War Child, and have embraced the hip-hop artist with a terrifying past and a gentle soul. Interspersing original interviews, live concerts, and rare footage of Jal as a seven year-old boy, War Child will make viewers cry, laugh, dance, and celebrate the power of hope.

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