Mar 14, 2009


Sharing his work with a deferent audience is something he can deal with and, he knows how to manipulate his body vocabularies to reach out his intensions and motives, as to expel the means of one untied people can be. On the 14th of February 2009, the Windisch-Hunt Art gallery in Coconut Grove are once again celebrating the Black History Month, showcasing various artiste works from all range they certainly have the gig and vibe.

Something special came out this time, a dancer from Nigeria who dazzled people coming in to fill their eyes with one or two peep in the gallery. He moves around them with his dance movements and the smile on his face. Yet he never seems to lose the flow and rhythm of the musical beat. A beautiful African percussion. The gallery was occupied with people standing on deferent angles watching, while some, busying exploring the art works hung on the wall.

As Black History Month ends, folks also use this time out to share love with one another, children and friends. The park was full with people from deferent county, states, region. It was a very bright and warm atmosphere with the sun burning very hot in Liberty City Miami at the “Touching Miami with Love” .

Mr Etagweyo Vincent Onokurte a Nigerian dancer, intrigues the audience with his dance movement and body gestures. He speaks words of our fathers through his gestures and communication of the music, accompanying his dance steps. “it is very good for the kids to experience something like this and know how important culture really means.

At 2:00pm, Etagweyo Vincent Onokurte started his movement at Liberty City where he did his third performance of the Black History Month; “showcasing myself and sharing my History and Culture as a cultural exchange and educational vocation with kids, adults”. They where really pleased with what the dance and most of all, what the organizers and families gave as part of the support to the county/humanity. “we want to reshape the world with our ministry, our art, our words, and our lovingness”. The kids also shared some of their great art works and how they understand what is going on, on their various environments. Some of them did poetry, while some took the duty of getting people situated and making seats and other availabilities the guest might need.
They also took us back to the footstep of Dr Martin Luther King Jr (“I HAVE A DREAM”).“Reciting these words of Dr King really meant a lot to this kids. We want them to think positively, and knowing full well that they can make it, no matter the stormy weather”.

We want to build our community and make it a better home for our children to think positively and with open minds; instead of the harm devices and smoking cracks and weed. Because these, it loses their sense of understanding and their lives is fall shot with lost. 60-70% of these kids turn out becoming thugs and hoodlums, doing violence because they have not being educated the proper way.
It is not just doing convocations or gathering that only matters, but how educated these kids are in their various homes. Although I am not talking about the America, or Africa, but every corner of the world. We should give heed to the society, transform these mentality and change the system for better place.


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