Mar 1, 2009


they said I'm a witch
discarding my incense
on any garment it perches on...
I was cast by the stone of men,
driven by my mates.
By those who I call FRIENDS!
I'm crying to everyone ears
dancing with frustration
day and night.
I cry to prove my innocence
but was oblivion
by my maker.
I flea to the mountain
where I pitch my tent;
I cause the day I was born;
leprosy embrace me,
sharing the same supper with me.
My skin falls apart,
my beautiful attire became
a sorrowful evening.

I am now the beast
everyone run from;
take my life;
Don't let me enjoy these grieve anymore!
Send fire from above
to consume me!
Send the night hawkers to
to come devour me
before morning light!
Allow vultures to say my last prayer!

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