Mar 20, 2009

My Dying Heart

Each night the moon raises,
filled each moment with praises;
I dream of you. one more night i dream of you

We can't be with each other,
but we dying to see ourselves together;
my heart never stop breathing
because you said you'll keep waiting.
Though the hills and mountains have separated us,
but we are still desperate beside all odds;
no one can quench the fire we share,
no one can change our sphere;
we may be distance away,
but in my heart we both here to play.
Love is like a magical song,
soft and gentle, humming for us along.
One more night I want to be with you,
just your touch I know life is true;
together we cuddle like two robes tangle,
mixed in the fantasy of love, yet, we were humble;
Our heat from us makes us twins,
we swim in harmony, down your chest I feel so real.
Loving this,
your kiss is sweet;
but now no one knows I how I feels,
burning in silence, this wounds never ills;
I can't escape another day without you,
I can't walk another miles if my heart don't have you;
I call this “MY DYING HEART”
for in you I will fly HIGH.
We both have long for love,
when kneel at the alter, our bliss descend like the dove.

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