Mar 31, 2009

My first time writing poem.......

Staring days and days into the wild, daring eyes
I squint because of the sharp glare.
She’s beautiful, sure, but
Sometimes, she will blind you, rob you of your fate.
Some parts of her seem sad in her dullness---unspectacular.
It is right in front of me, but instead,
I see the lush, the fresh, the vibrant playfulness that moves her.
The sun, her light and child, acts as her guidance through the clouds.

But…something has changed.
Something wicked,
No, something human
Invaded her stillness.
Lady Destiny awoke her, made her aware.
The blood-red apple
The beauty and spectacle,
The piercing eye
That shines through every creature,
Living or dead.
Like spring, yet not spring,
It brings reinforcement, replication,
The renaissance of history and patronage.
Shall we rejoice in dawn or mourn for our fall?

Written by Eva Lin

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