Jun 10, 2010

nothingness part 2

we hold hands under the
moon light
inhaling the sweet crimson thats
falling on us
memories of phrases struck us like wonders
into the deep blues like rain showers
through the deep of your eyes
where the air is so thick and shrill
where two walls collides
tied to a common goal;
we cover our feet from the
rest of the world to see

we continue to drift away
holding on to our past
holding on to those things we've fought
and defeat in battle
nothing seemed to be
just like you said you want it so bad
but before morning you'd change you mind
we become dreamers of LOVE!!

chasing open shadows
nothing seemed to follows
only a dance of a meltdown stage
dressed like a masquerade on halloween
walking backward
back bent to misstep what you feel

missing the flame of a firing love
where we could hold forever
where the radiance of the sun
will climb our back and set free
it lasting pleasure
where the simple sound of nature
will celebrate us
(...i pronounce both of you...)

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ebony said...

Wow this was breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your God-given gift.

Vincent said...

thank you too Ebony.