Sep 3, 2010


Today I felt a pull down, my mind was drianed with thoughts, my body felt like I was carrying a huge sack of cement on my back, my stomarch hurts, wasn’t sure it the mael I had that morning, but my digestion sysytem was running me down. Eyes were swollen, I looked like someone who just came out of trance or something. Even when I had cereal and banana to kick of the day I still lack the agility and mobility I know I should have, but instead I just tend to believe it is one of those days you go through with undigestive system or one of those bad days that you don’t have any clue why you feel uneasy with your self.
How could I get myself out of this breakdown, if I know where to go or just do something I that will make me feel alive again and take out this lazyness away from me I will be so glade. But yet, I couldn’t find anything fun to do. I listened to music hoping that will help, but nothing. Everything I tried simply added more tired, lazy, draggy pace into my bone. I was going insane gradually that’s what I concluded in my head. I am going insane. Nothing tends to work out fine today. Oh! This morning I was waiting for some guys to come fix the light in the house, cos last night when we came back from work, the light was off. We tried to fix it ourself but couldn’t. then this morning we called the light guys, which they said they will coming between the hours of 8-12pm, but as usual they failed to come through. So I ended up waiting the whole morning in the house, sleeping, wodering around the house like some stranger who lost his way and find himself in house full of mask. Lol!
I went outside to check if any truck or van passing by, nothing. But nothing. Nothing. Those light guys didn’t show up. Not until about 3pm to 4pm they showed up. Whats so anoying is, they didn’t go inside the house to do anything. My God! Men I’d stayed in the house waiting for those guys for nothing…. Men I’ve already lose my mind.

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