Jan 26, 2011

Broken Theory of a Mind

Lonely I was, standing within the ozone of the night
Shallow it became to my sight
Gasping for water to refill guest
Longing for lasting pleasure for my throat
Sighing a beautiful death at hand
Is this my last I recall in my head?
No it’s a dream, day-dream I figure this is,
As evening ushers her veil to noon,
Everything wither away,
All the fun,
The august rush of resilient children
Cuddle themselves under a tent
Looking ahead with their round eyes
Like superman is here again
It wasn’t the stares of excitement
But a look that breaks every cripple ass
Before they could stretch their hands forward.
As day fades it way behind the
Glowing misty night
Some say; death, stinky smell follows it
But I say to them, this is how it is,
Everything that is good has bad to it.
Everything that comes, has it day to return,
Nothing stays for long,
Times is inevitable so as light and darkness.

Lonely I was, drifting apart
From within me
Bursting out tears of joy and sorrow
Wide open are my yarning to rekindle
My faith with God
Searching answers on dark valleys and streets
Nothing is here you said to me
Like someone’s behind me,
Tracing my footsteps like a lost dog
When we awake the spirits from the underworld
We should be ready to dance with them
When they play their music
Something’s missing
Missing puzzles to make his face complete on a paper wall
Those who lost their way are born again
Those that were born, lost their way
Everything you see
Think, feel and know
It a illusion of the mindset
But TIME is now, it is the reality

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samples drum loops said...

Lonely I was, drifting apart From within me

vincent vincent said...

thanks loops