May 26, 2009

Greatest Tap Dancer of all time

Bill"Bo Jangles Robinson- 1878-1949- is known as the greatest Tap Dancer of all time. His fame has reached mythic proportions. He had charm and charisma and, it was said, "He talked with his Feet". His rhythms were so intricate and fast it was impossible for other dances to repeat some of them.
During the great depression of the 1930s Bill Robinson was the highest paid black entertainer. He shared his wealth with less fortunate friends and neighbors through those hard times.
Bill Robinson performed shows on Broadway as well as in famous clubs around the country. He formed revues that appeared in Vaudeville, and he danced in several films, including four with child star Shirley Temple, and Stormy Weather with Cab Calloway and Lena Home.

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