May 11, 2009

New Me in Him

His hand lift me up this morning
He made me to walk through the path of nature again
like a newly wedded groom
I bath inside the ocean of His unending blessing till
the sun begins set fourth in the north
My feet stand in His water of grace as I was once
born again into a new earth;
He speaks to me in a new voice
he shows me how to recreate with choice
and I follow his voice, his words, his creativity
He his a unique master that blends me
with his wand to be like him and I want to direct
my words through him that is in me
Like the sun that rise and set for another
my word will spread through eternity
it will drench it purity on every ear,
and my feet, body is a symbol to
express and redefine the greatness he's fashioned
me to become
I will twist my body and spin my arms around
and I'll draw out words and movements to address
his tenderness,
and soar like the birds
because HE is merciful
I felt his presence dwelling within me
and becoming like him more and more.
I want to dance with him
I want to write about him
I want to move with him
and touch the sun with him.
This is the SON of a new rising SUN
a bird soaring in a new horizon
this is Vincent, a new Me in Him......

1 comment:

Vincent said...

also, I just got a very wonderful idea of my new dance/poetry piece. which is coming very soon and it will be one of it kind... a blessing for me as well.