Feb 10, 2010

For Immediate Release

Baoku Moses
Positive Image Productions

For immediate release,

Positive Image Productions
The Blue Wisp

Present: The 2nd edition.

Cincy Unity Jam
At The Blue Wisp
5pm to Midnight

Following the success of the 1st Cincy Unity Jam in December last year,
Positive Image Production and The Blue Wisp proudly present the 2nd
edition of Cincy Unity Jam; bringing people together in unity to seek and
celebrate peace, because without unity there is no way peace can be

Positive Image Productions, a subsidiary of Positive Image Arts
Organization, hopes to contribute to building a peaceful and respectful
world in which to live. We hope to be able to accomplish this, and many
more positive achievements, through music, arts, entertainment and
collaboration with other organizations.

Cincy Unity Jam will take place on the 20th of March, 2010 at the
legendary jazz club, The Blue Wisp. The doors will be open to the public
at 4pm, and the first performance will kick off at 5pm. Coming back bigger
and better, there are going to be 8 bands in the line up to perform in
this edition; as well as African dance performances, belly dancing,
poetry/spoken word, and a drum cirlce.

The bands in the 2nd Cincy Unity Jam line up are:

Mayan Ruins
MAYAN RUINS performs Psychedelic Tribal music accompanied by Tribal
Bellydancer ZAHARA. Traditional rhythms are improvised over by
musicians Christian Hartman (bass/drums) Derek Garteiz (guitar/drums)
Gregory Morris (violin mandolin & other instruments), Paul Ravenscraft
(conga/percussion/electric sitar), Will Menton (guitar/drums), Rob Dorsey
(throat singing/drums) & Denny Schoeny (drums/Percussion) to create a
trancey sound great for listening intently or dancing wildly!

Cincinnati power trio Alchemy brings an explosive new sound to the local
music scene in 2010. Forged in the furnace of blues and rock, Alchemy
jams with a unique set of skills. At it's core is guitarist Mike
Connolly, a soulful singer-songwriter, whose style recalls guitarists of
the past while creating his signature sound. He's been heard around
Cincinnati performing solo acoustic and electric over the past few years.
Patrick McMahon is Alchemy's veteran wind wizard, playing harmonica, sax
and flute. Patrick has been in many influential groups, including
fringe-rock pioneers,Bitter Blood Street Theatre, and internationally
acclaimed Blacklight Braille. Richard "Iron Man" Cisneros venerates Peart,
Moon and Mitchell with his African-style hand percussion. Patrick and
Richard play as the duo in "Tree of Life Band", and have performed
together in the CEA-nominated band Totems. Alchemy is adding something
fresh and innovative to the local music scene with their blend of rock,
blues, folk, psychedelic and world music. They're transmuting sound into
gold in a venue near you.

Matthew Shelton
Matthew Shelton was born in South Carolina and moved to Cincinnati to
study the Arts. He is a prolific singer/songwritter, and a
multi-instrumentalist whose talents include mastery of the mbira, a
traditional African thumb piano. His diverse performance venues include
bars, museums, DIY dives, art galleries, coffee shops and rec centers. He
has opened for Vampire Weekend, Daniel Johnston, Animal Collective, Wussy,
Pit er Pat, Ariel Pink, the Hiders, Howling Hex, and the Sheds, to name a
few. A well-rounded artist, he is also a visual artist who paints and
creates unique lightbox pieces, in addition to his great songwriting
skills. http://www.flexyourlovemuscles.com

Latin Block
Junior Garcia (Lil Yankee), John Lombert (Yung Bronx) and Jonathan Cabot
(Jking) of Latin Block are what some people might say is the future of
Entertainment. The group Started paving their way into the music industry
in 2006, with the unique style of music they call Reggaehiphop. Latin
Block describes Reggaehiphop as a combination of Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and
R&B, with the bi-lingual flow of Spanish and English. Coming into the
music industry with their new unique style, Latin Block is determined to
make a big impact. With the high determination to succeed, members of the
group studied what it takes to be the best in the industry, which lead
them to becoming Jacks-of-all-trades. With the help of their manager
Angel Lombert, not only do they write their own music, but they produce
and record it, make their own videos and photoshoots, and do everything
else that goes into making a master piece. Latin Block's hard work is
paying off as they have accomplished a lot within a short period of time,
from playing numerous concerts to appearing on radio and TV shows. Never
slowing down, they have a number of new projects lined up.

Sandy Suskind Jazz Trio
Sandy Suskind, flute and saxophone, has been playing jazz in the
Cincinnati area for over 30 years. Sandy attended U. of Cincinnati's
College Conservatory of Music, majoring in theory and jazz performance. He
has played and recorded with well-known trumpeter Tim Hagans, guitar great
Cal Collins, and pianist Steve Schmidt to name a few. He has also jammed
with multi-horn legend Ira Sullivan and harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy.
His influences are too numerous to list, but include Coltrane, Sam Most,
Frank Strozier, Mahler and Schoenberg and the Second Viennese School.
Sandy feels that now is the most fruitful musical period of his life, and
is planning to record a CD of his original compositions in the near

Shiny Old Soul
Shiny Old Soul (Cosmic roots) is a guitar/bass/drum trio comprised of
former members of The Gregory Morris Group (Cincinnati, Ohio). It
combines fundamental elements of a traveling storyteller, jazz
influenced dynamic percussion, bittersweet folk roots and east coast horn
creating a bastion of invention that shanghais the senses into a hyper
real environment rich with [un]savory characters. One part jazz, one part
folk, one part punk, one part rock, but it's really all about the songs.
Bank robberies, pregnant pirates, time travelers, voodoo spells,
allegory, and plain old sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll conspire to reveal a
world of simple feelings in exotic places. A broken heart by any other
name... A genuine enjoyment of the art and the opportunity to play
together keep the music and the performers fresh and sincere, resulting in
songs, which like any good story, can never really be told the same way
twice. "It's not the upside down backwards smooth as jazz frenetic as
Django guitar playing of leader Gregory Morris or the tight and versatile
rhythm section of Michael and Katherine that make the group unique, but
the cool, progressive blues seated groove they lay down." - Jeff Roberson

Uptown R&B Band
Influenced by the likes of Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Jackie Wilson,
Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and The Commodores, Uptown R&B Band ROCKS the
HOUSE! Uptown R&B band has been satisfying dancers and partiers for more
than 20 years in Cincinnati, the tri-state area, and beyond. They have
also funked it up in San Francisco, Atlanta, New Orleans and Orlando to
name a few. They are the hottest and most authentic R&B show in the

Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band
Afro-beat, a musical combination of western big band jazz with African
instruments and languages, is a musical expression of peace, love, unity,
truth and justice. The Image Afro-beat Band is comprised of talented
musicians that come from different musical & cultural backgrounds to play
the unique style of music known as Afro-beat. Using the power of music,
the band hopes to create appreciation for cultural diversity, respect for
life and to contribute to making the world a more peaceful and respectful
place in which to live. United, we can do it.

Dance/solo Performers:

Becky Umeh
Becky Umeh was born in Anambra State, Nigeria and grew up in Lagos. An
activist, she pressed the Nigerian Government to support artists, without
forcing them to serve propaganda goals. Since moving to Washington DC in
2002, Umeh has worked with producers such as Hugh Medrano, Nancy Havlik
and George Faison; and has performed for non-profit organizations, many
cultural centers, universities, and churches. Multitalented, she initially
gained national visibility as an actress in the Nigerian Television
Authority, as well as for roles in various independent films. She then
studied traditional and contemporary African dance at Ivory Dance Academy,
founded by National Troupe of Nigeria member Steve James, with which she
toured in the school's group Ivory Ambassadors, and conducted field
research on traditional dance in Nigerian villages. After graduation from
the program, Umeh served as the Dance Director of Ivory Dance Troupe for 5
years. During this time, Umeh launched her singing career and founded her
band, with which she produced the album "Aiye". In 2005 Becky Umeh went
on tour in multiple US cities with Toby Foyeh and Orchestra Africa; and in
2006 choreographed the Lion King production sponsored by Metropolitan Fine
Arts in Virginia.

Vincent Etagweyo
Vincent Etagweyo, hails from Nigeria’s Delta state. Recruited at a young
age by the selective and prestigious Black Marbles Dance Academy, he then
advance to join the professional dance company, Body Language Klinik, at
age 21, where he had the chance to explore his creativity on a wider
range, including choreographing his own pieces and teaching children. He
is a member of the Guild of Nigerian Dancers in Lagos, Nigeria. Also an
accomplished poet, he is the founder of the Version Project poetry
association in Miami, FL. Etagweyo’s reputation as a talented artist has
allowed him to work both in Nigeria and internationally, collaborating
with some of the world best choreographers to reach a broader audience.
The deep emotion conveyed through his work comes from a fusion of both
traditional and modern African dancing, with Western-inspired contemporary

Present in addition to the line up of the talented bands and performers,
there will also be arts and crafts vendors present to exhibit their work
throughout the duration of the event.

Cincy Unity Jam is set to take place at:
The Blue Wisp
318 E. 8th Street
Between Broadway & Sycamore
in Downtown Cincinnati, OH.

The door will open to the public at 4pm, and the event will start at 5pm
and go 'til midnight. Tickets will be sold for $12 in advance and $15 at
the door. People can call 513-266-2070 or email baoku@baokutcr.com for
tickets. Additional information about the event can be found at:


With the power of Music, we hope to bring people together in Unity.

Peace to all,

Baoku Moses
Positive Image Productions

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