Feb 1, 2010


..just playing with words and movements..

freedom of the mind and soul,
freedom that will take you high and reach for the stars,
freedom to express,
freedom to be creative,
freedom of rule,
freedom to love,
freedom of race, culture, religion...
freedom to become STRONG.

"freedom to live today like it the last"
"I ain't no perfect man, but to do the best I can"
hold this day close to you (me)
shine my eyes to see beyond the wounds hiding inside the mind,
passionate to what I love doing,
and create the vision I once foresee in my dream.

put my thoughts into words,
like oxygen filling a void,
put my heart and soul to make a change,
to be a change, ... just a change....

self expression of movement,
self expression of music,
self expression of image,
self expression of me....

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