Nov 11, 2008


Night pass by with oceans of darkness,

slowly swaying across the nail

of the Atlantic.

She drifts through the river from Africa

sailing to niaja;with a stoned wind,

every eyes short a peace,

dreaming of their loved ones.

From outside she looks so beautiful and soft,

so lonely in dark and sunshine.

She is marvel in color,

she is unimaginable if I was is groom.

From my seat,i gazed at her

magnificent wonder,

so shrill and sweet,

so milk and gentle;

I see her from afar,chanting with

a sweet voice ,calling for love.

I could feel it,o yes,i could feel it.

We passed her like jelly porn,

lashing her innocences like armies;

my GOD,do we just ignore her?

I can see she's bitter from the dark side

of the space;all clouded with black spots all over.

She is cold.

So many times we are so oblivion of her,

putting her misery behindi9 us.

My fermm,it is you only I love,

come and I will take you there,

to a place where there is love and joy.

From night till day light,

you stood in still, changing your gestures,

that is not what you are made of;

you deserve more than these!

No one will understand you,

If know one cares to know you!

I see you are weary In your stillness and hollow gown.

From beyond to here is no deferent.

No change that is not frequented in like every others.

It is just past and presents,

today and tomorrow,

right and wrong,

but I see beauty in you.
I felt love like a child,

I wonder from time to time.

If love will conquer,then there's

no force that will disrupt you from me.

Etagweyo Vincent Onokurte

artistic director dredvgil dance

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