Nov 11, 2008

the version(still working on this project)


The project “THE VERSION” is to promote contemporary dance and cultural exchange of dialog and exposure to the community through interaction and researching on new ideas, discovering new talents and more voice that will help in building the society. “THE VERSION” is a device of expressiveness to youth, and it is in this context I referred to it as finding the means of communicating with the public through dance. Interacting with the community and also finding the basic importance why dance is a tool of communication in the 21st century.

The project is based on truth, reality, perseverance and self consciousness of youth. The youth have to face the truth and challenge these issues with the believe of achieving positiveness at the end. The purpose of the project (THE VERSION) is to bring talents together, drawing kids out from the street by indulging them into various activities. Secondly; THE VERSION is in research of finding truth about what we need to know when by actualize a steady and comfortable society, then we can move the world forward.


The aim of the project “THE VERSION” is to research on the simplicity and different reactions from the audience. Finding a different reactions and questions about what they feel. Knowing the importance of dance and it change for development. Creating a forum for dance or a gathering were discussion and ideas will be cultivated. Because now, it is dangerous that the young generation is oblivious of the existence of our cultural dance forms and styles. Thus; with these act, it podge us slowly. Today we youth's wants to follow our own ways which is good. Discovering new ways of dance styles, movements, body gestures and so on. With is also talking about the situation in society. But it is important we must know and understand what we are doing to back up with what we do.

We have a history and background, a culture and tradition. A deep cultural influence that which we came from, with this sense, it is important that we keep our cultural heritage and create a change of idea, a philosophy, a common orientation and understanding of our people and dance.

Etagweyo Vincent Onokurte

artistic director dredvgil dance

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vincent said...

watch for the second edition of the version in the hamatan season of 2009.