Nov 11, 2008


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In my solo dance piece, “IMAGINATION” Etagweyo Vincent Onokurte a young radiant choreographer explore through the realm of his body language and gesticulation of his philosophy ideology of racism and conflict. Ironically imagination evolves from the pang from the society and most of the fraction between tribal wars and religious genocide. Over time African humanitarian artilleries (AFA) have been going round from community to community about these issue of tribal genocide, but each time the society is engage in a solution, a sudden destruction emerge. This is political destruction the society experience day in day out.

It flows like virus beneath the society, slowly eating up people. Then, the prime of one soul to survive inside these hood is not justify. What then does these lives have if they will Skell through in the jungle?


The music is viable weapon. The instrument depicts the struggle of each stages of life. Some are in constant influence of the power that falls on hand. Ignorantly using these medium as a point of contact to harm others. Take life and do commit whatever crime they want. While for some is the revise. They use these gift to help and change both them self and the society around them.

I used three deferent music to reach out my own feelings of how things should be done and educate fox as well. Two African music and a western dialog (United state of American) the first is a singer named DESS REE. She is so inspiring. When I first listen to music. I knew immediately that this song will fit into my creation. I didn't hesitate to grab it for my work. The second is from Benin. From a noble chanter-man whose music and voice echoes as a weapon it cut arose regions and communities around the globe. His instrument depicts the how to cultivate traditional and moral intelligence. The third is from Nigeria. A soul traditional musician. A prince whose ideas and intuition of music of life is historical. He uses the context of today's situation. Especially the youths to expresses his own kind of music. His words are rebel in positive minds. Positive thinking. Helping one to know and understand his background.


the chair is another method of which I used to execute my own ideology and the philosophical mentality of the pang around me. I feel use the chair is a weapon of talking about the ills in the society. The wrong deeds that is happing to our people in the southern part of Nigeria. This is how many people where killed because of the raw material over there. Today delta state is not a conducive environment for tourist to visit. Youths over there now are frustrated which leads about the use of guns to survive. The north, is another genocide. People are killed in the name of SHARIA law. And so on around Africa. Deferent stories everywhere. How leaders are tutoring people about, children are sent to fight in a combats. These are the things I believe. “Even if they refuse to listen, we have prove a point to them in our own way. They can't turn there ear forever. The truth will always be seen”.

Ironically the chair as a symbol of power and destruction, I also place this as a point of contact with every human being. If we look deep inside our heart, we realize that we are not so pure as we think we are. It is just a pretext that we are in the face of the earth.


A symbol of peace and unity within the lives of humanity and animals. Every living thing that breaths and walk on the surface of the earth. I use the wrapper as a way to convey an idea, to experiment in deferent methods and ways to able to show how the mind or the second sense of a humans heart is. In every pure heart there is a spot that is not pure or clear. That is to say; it comes a time when a mans heart conceive hatred towards somebody. Consciously or unconsciously the mind on it own conceive these evil syndrome. Sometimes it manifest, while most time it doesn't.


The movement are based on true stories, both my life history and situations around me. Body gestures, words, smiling, screaming, people standing, bus driver and it passengers, market square, the conflict, wars and e.t.c. Each time I see things around it makes me to reflect on something that has happened before or some times I will just visualize stuff ahead. Some say we artist think ahead of every human. I think that is true, because we see things in a deferent way and react to them in an artistic manner.

The movement which I deed in the piece were abstract and a mixture of traditional dance which is the influence I cultivate in the piece. Each movement has it manner of approach, each steps has it's own sequence and rhythm, each gesture has it own funny way or clownish way that depicts one or a situation around us. And each time the movement changes the feelings change too. These gives the piece a deferent type of idea.

Etagweyo Vincent Onokurte

artistic director dredvgil dance

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